Advanced HIIT Exercises Video Tutorial

Welcome to the advanced video in our high intensity interval training series. If you skipped the beginner HIIT video and intermediate HIIT video without trying the workouts, please go back and try them first!

In this tutorial, we’ll cover techniques required to perform all exercises safely and correctly. You’ll complete all of the six exercises in order, repeating the circuit three times. You’ll perform each exercise for 30 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest period.

Now the aim here is to focus on intensity. You will need to work as hard as you can without losing form. I would recommend you download a generic boxing timer to your smartphone with features that allow you to preset round time and rest time, as well as tracking the number of rounds you’ve performed.

1. Squat jumps

This is a progression from the technique we learned in video one, but this time, at the deepest part of the movement, we want to leap as high as we can into the air, straightening our legs, and as we land with soft knees, back down to the bottom into the squat. Repeat until the time is up.

2. Plyo lunge

Now this is a progression of the lunge exercise that we’ve learned in a previous tutorial. Starting with the left leg forward, we want to lower our right knee towards the floor, stopping about an inch before the ground. At this point, both knees should be in right angles. Explosively drive into the air, landing with your left foot back, and now your right foot forward. As you’re lowering yourself, with control, back down to an inch off the ground, again both knees should be at right angle.

3. Burpees

Starting in a squat position, at the bottom of that squat, place your hands on the floor. Kick the feet back out into a push-up position. Once your legs are fully outstretched, perform a push-up. Kick your feet back to the start of the squat position as fast as possible. When the soles of the feet are stable, jump from the floor as high as you can. At the top, clap the hands together, and return back down to your burpee position.

4. Tuck jumps

Starting with your feet shoulder-width apart, jump as high as you can, tucking your knees to your chest. On the way down, make sure you’re landing with soft knee joints. As soon as you land, repeat again immediately.

5. Push ups on knees

So now we’re into push-ups on the knees. You need to lay down on the floor in a push-up position, your hands should be directly under your shoulders. Engage the core and the glutes. Push your upper body away from the floor, keeping your knees on the ground. Avoid any hinging in the hips. The key here is to keep a straight line in your posture from your head through your shoulders, hips, and to your knees on the floor. Now remember, avoid sagging in that lower back area.

6. V sits

Lying on your back, stretch your arms out over your head with your legs straight. Keeping your arms and legs as straight as possible, raise your feet and your hands off the floor at the same time. The goal is to try and touch your feet with your hands. Lower back down to the floor with as much control as possible. Repeat until the timer sounds.

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