Welcome to The Bailey Fitness Crèche

​The Bailey Fitness Crèche is offered to assist in making your workout productive and convenient as possible for both you and your children. The Bailey Fitness Crèche offers a varied and stimulating program for all children from 8 weeks up to 12 years of age. Children can enjoy art, craft, construction, sensory, language and gross motor experiences. Our professional staff are more than happy to assist with any queries and suggestions you may have. However, there are certain guidelines that should be brought to your attention. We request that you take the time to read these and follow them to ensure we are able to provide you and your children with the best service possible. If you have any further queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Bailey Fitness Crèche Supervisor at your Club or the Club Manager.

​Delivery and collection of children

Parents/Guardians must register each child individually each time they use the service. On arrival you must swipe your access card, sign each child in on the registration schedule, state your location whilst exercising and the estimated time that you will return (within 90 mins). This is essential information in the event you are required to care for your child or for an emergency evacuation. The parent or guardian must sign out their children before leaving.

Every parent must remain on the premises and be contactable at all time. Please remember parents/guardians are responsible for the care of the child, as such, if called to the Bailey Fitness Crèche you must return immediately (failure to do so may result in suspension of service.)

Please be advised that no parent is to leave Bailey Fitness at any time whilst their children are in the Crèche.

​Age Groups

We welcome all babies and children from 8 weeks up to the age of 12 years. Bailey Fitness Crèche has been divided into two areas, which are activity specific:

  • Newborns and babies (not walking yet)
  • Children


  • You must pre-book your children into the creche 100% of the time
  • Bookings can only be made online https://www.baileyfitness.com.au/creche/ up to a week in advance
  • Bookings can be made no later than 6 hours prior to the start time of the session
  • In all fairness to our fellow members, if you make a booking and then you are unable to attend, it is essential that you cancel your booking through the link provided in the email notification you received when making the booking at least 90 mins prior to the start time of your session. Failure to do so may result in the full fee being made payable on your next visit.
  • Failure to cancel on several occasions may result in temporary suspension from access to The Bailey Fitness Crèche.
  • This booking system and relevant staffing ratios is in place to ensure that we do not jeopardise your children’s safety.
  • We endeavour to cater for all our members however there is no guarantee that your preferred time and day will be available.
  • The maximum time that your children may be left in our care is 90 minutes.
  • When booking please ensure you notify us of anything we need to be aware of or any special conditions your child may have.
  • Casual Visit payments are to be made directly to the crèche. Please note: as this can take time, please consider our crèche inclusive membership.

Staff and Qualifications

The Bailey Fitness Crèche is staffed in accordance with the set staffing ratio. The Bailey Fitness Crèche Team are either qualified and /or experience in child care (a minimum of 12 months experience).


Parents/Guardians who have concerns or feedback regarding the Bailey Fitness Crèche should approach the Crèche staff. Minor concerns will be dealt with immediately. Complaints that are of greater concern need to be addressed to the Club Manager. If necessary, the Club Manager, Crèche Staff and parent concerned may meet to discuss the situation.

​Cancellations and Waiting Lists

If the specific session you would like to book is full, you can put your name on the waiting list and we will advise you if we have any cancellations. This is why we ask for 90 minutes notice for cancellations.


We appreciate that children have a lot of TV exposure in their lives but for some children it’s the best distraction while they are separated from their parents.

​Behaviour Management/Positive Guidance

Our staff are not the child’s parents so we will not overstep the line by being too strict. Our aim with discipline is to maintain control of the group. Our staff will ensure that they convey the limits of The Bailey Fitness Crèche to your children in a positive manner; here they will learn that there are consequences of inappropriate behaviour. We will always try and diffuse a situation. It cannot be our responsibility to try to change the behaviour of children in the long run.

When guiding children’s behaviour we refrain from using negative labelling, as this may damage self esteem. All staff speak in a respectful positive manner to the children. We encourage children through positive role modelling and clear guidelines should a child need behavioural management. Please note: If a child becomes disruptive and difficult, the parent/guardian will be collected and asked to calm their children.


No medication will be administered at The Bailey Fitness Crèche. If your child requires medication for an ongoing condition i.e. asthma, please ensure that you manage this personally.

​Time Limit

The maximum time allowable is 90 minutes and only during the time when you are at the club working out. As soon as you have completed your workout, you must collect your children. Children should not be left in the crèche for any other reason than the parent/guardian training in the club. Children are not permitted at any time in the members lounge area, or any other areas of the club other than the crèche. This is not only for the safety of your children, but also fellow members. Bailey Fitness takes no responsibility for the care of your children.

Note: Some clubs may run children’s programs and as such those children use dedicated areas under direct supervision of our program co-coordinators.

​What To Bring

  • All children who are not walking must be brought in a pram/stroller. This is important as it is a part of our fire evacuation procedures.
  • The Crèche staff will happily change your babies nappies if you wish. You will need to provide your own nappies, wipes, a change of clothes and any other comfort items. Please Note: If you require the staff to change nappies on your behalf a consent form must be filled in.
  • If bringing a water bottle into the creche please ensure it is clearly labelled.
  • Solid food is not permitted so please ensure your child has eaten prior to the session.
  • As we often have messy play areas, please ensure children are dressed appropriately.
  • Please make sure that all bags and belongings are clearly marked with your child’s full name.


If your child is due to be fed at a certain time, we ask that you attend to this before your commence your workout or return to do so as needed. We do not allow any solid foods in the Crèche to avoid any possible problems such as food allergies, inappropriate foods or choking.

​Sick Children

To prevent the spread of germs and illness to our staff and other children, Bailey Fitness does not accept sick or unwell children into the creche. If our staff feel your child is too unwell to be in the creche you will be notified and you must collect your child from the creche immediately. Please do not be offended by this, as its for the health of all children who attend our creche.

​The Bailey Fitness Crèche Session Times

Please be aware of your special pick-up times and ensure these are adhered to accordingly. This assists in a smooth transition for children and Parents/Guardians waiting to utilise the next spot. If children are not picked up on time you will be paged and a fee will be charged.

Please contact Member Support for more information.