The IMAES Muay Thai Grading System

Students must complete 9 levels of training, after each of which they will receive a certificate. These levels are called ‘Khans’ and each is colour-coded with a coloured border around its icon.

The curriculum is taught in-class and Bailey Fitness will run a grading day each quarter. Prior to the grading, students will be given a login for the animation tutorial app, so they can practice the movements and techniques at home as well as in class.

The Bailey Fitness Muay Thai Starter Pack is $120 for Level 1 students, which includes shorts and gloves. The shorts have the yant design and trim, which will be white for beginners and will change colour in line with the practitioner’s level.

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Bailey Fitness IMAES WMC-IFMA Muay Thai Certificate

In 2017, Adam Bailey was invited to Thailand by the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) along with 32 other practitioners from around the world, to be part of the first ever international grading system for Muay Thai. Both WMC & IMFA have been granted provisional recognition by the International Olympic Committee – a strong sign for the future of the practice.

Based on Thailand’s WMC-IFMA Muay Thai Curriculum, which has 15 levels, the first 9 of which are covered in the WMC-IFMA Certificate. This innovative new grading system includes the iGLA Muay Thai Animation Education System.

This is the first ever 3D digital Muay Thai curriculum, produced using Motion Capture and Media Asset Management technologies. It allows students to see a 360-degree animated view of all moves and techniques, so they can work on their strengths, weaknesses and vital points between classes.

The Muay Thai Grading

There are 9 student levels, otherwise known as Khans in the WMC-IFMA Muay
Thai Curriculum. After completing the first 9 Khans practitioners can choose
to complete another 6 levels to become Muay Thai instructors.

The 9 student Khans covered in the Bailey Fitness iMAES WMC-IFMA Muay
Thai Certificate include:

  1. Khan 1 Wai Kru

    Movement to various directions (basic) which teaches how to warm up the body and prevent injuries.

  2. Khan 2 Punching

    Defending punches such as the lead punch, follow-up punch, short swing, long swing, back swing, uppercut and downward thrust.

  3. Khan 3 Kicking & Shoving

    Straight, jump half-shin, swirl, cartwheel and tread kicking and straight, sideways, cut, pinch, drop, slap, backward and jump shoving.

  4. Khan 4 Kneeing

    Hand-free/arm-free knee use and knee use with the aid of the hand or arm.

  5. Khan 5 Elbowing

    Elbow work including hitting, cutting, wiping and slanting.

  6. Khan 6 Basic of Self Protecting

    Punching, foot, knee and elbow defence including breaking opponent’s momentum, slighting distance, thwarting a striking force, retreating and dodging.

  7. Khan 7 Techniques

    Including attacking and countering a punch, elbow strike, knee strike or kick.

  8. Khan 8 Strategies

    Offensive and defensive strategies of Mae Mai Muay Thai employing combinations of fists, feet, knees and elbows.

  9. Khan 9 Techniques

    Study of the Wai Khru ritual performed before a fight to pay homage to the teacher and boost the morale of the fighter.

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Meet the trainers

Our trainers compete as part of the Bailey Fight Team and are a mix of authentic
champions at all levels – State, Commonwealth, and World Champions.

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