Bailey Fight Team – producing Muay Thai world
champions since 2010

  • 3 World Titles
  • 9 International titles
  • 12 National Titles

There’s something about Muay Thai that gets your blood pumping

If you’re looking for something a little different to the usual, then Muay Thai can deliver.

Muay Thai fight training will be the most intense exercise you’ve ever done in your life.

This 2,000 year old martial art combines balance, strength, flexibility and speed, leaving you feeling empowered and ready to tackle your day. You don’t need experience or a high level of fitness to give it a go, and we guarantee an unparalleled fitnedd experience (and the weight loss to prove it).

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Be trained by the best

We’ve produced muliple Muay Thai champions across all weight divisions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re here for fitness or aiming for the stars, you’ll train alongside legends of the sport.

Adam Bailey, founder of Bailey Fitness, is a current World Champion and Captain of the Australian Team, and he’s passionate about bringing world-class experts to teach in his gyms. All of our instructors are Muay Thai Champions flown in from Thailand.

This approach to excellence has allowed us to turn out State, National and World Champion fighters, time and time again.

Bailey fitness is also the only Muay Thai gym in Australia with permission to use the WMC-IFMA formal grading curriculum.

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Muay Thai leaves you feeling strong, fit and in-control

Like any other sport or fitness program, brings together focus, energy, coordination, endurance and speed into a routine that’ll get your heart pumping.

Muay Thai is perfect for all ages, fitness levels and body. We even have a ‘Mini Muay Thai’ program for the budding champions of the future.

In each session you’ll rediscover your limits and learn to focus as you combine strength and agility with high-energy cardio. You’ll burn fat, build muscle and find a leaner, more toned version of yourself, with the skills to stand your ground.

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Train in our dedicated Muay
Thai training zones

Meet others who’re just as passionate about their health, and train in our
purpose-built Muay Thai zones. You’ll find everything you need to become
your best in our friendly, supportive environment.

Designated Muay Thai training zones

Enjoy the ‘small-gym feel’ with access to everything Bailey Fitness has to offer

World-class trainers

We’ve brought the best trainers from Bangkok to educate and train our members

Competition focused

You don’t have to compete, but if you choose to you’ll be guided by the best

Fight team

Join the Fight Team and access premium training and competition-readiness programs

Success Stories

At Bailey’s, we helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals and
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