Eating Out?

Watching what you eat and going out for dinner with friends and family do not always complement each other. With a menu full of delicious foods it is easy to just throw in the towel and order whatever you feel like. Or it could be there is nothing on the menu that meets your new eating habits.

According to the Modern Food Trends Report, 86% of Australians are trying to make more health conscious decisions regarding the food they eat. Like so many other Aussies, committing to eating healthy is a great attitude to have and is something worth sticking to in the long term to achieve your health goal.

Here are a couple of tips to help you when you are eating out:

Choose your meal wisely

If you have access to it, research the menu before hand. That way you know what you want when you get there and you aren’t quickly choosing the first thing you see on the menu.


Ask the staff about your meal

Ask the staff about your meal and how it’s prepared. They may even be able to offer you suggestions on meals.


Make the switch to veggies

Switch the chips for vegetables. Say no to the bread roll. Small changes and switches to meals can make huge differences.


Say no to the dessert

Yes we know, a sweet, sugary treat can sometimes feel like it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.


While the “treat yo self” mantra is an easy one to adopt, be strong and keep your health goal in sight! When the waiter comes around and asks if you want the dessert menu, shake your head. It seems like the normal process of dinner and then dessert but you don’t have to.

Enjoy your meal

Whilst still being mindful on what you are eating, enjoy your night out! It is hard to enjoy spending times with your friends when you are too focused with what you are eating. Your friends will also probably notice. So make your decision and then enjoy the night. You deserve it!


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Adam Bailey

Adam Bailey is the owner of Bailey Fitness. He's a big believer in putting in the hard work to achieve great results. At Bailey Fitness, he strives to support a like-minded community who work towards their health goals.

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