So you want to fight? An Introduction to Muay Thai

So you’ve been training for a while now, you’ve been a spectator at a few of the local fight shows and you’re feeling like you want to take the big leap and enter the ring. It’s one thing to train Muay Thai but it takes a complete other set of skills to want to fight. Not only do you have to reach a peak level of fitness, but you also have to train your mind to be able to withstand the roller coaster that is fighting.

To be able to reach fighting condition, you need to be training every day. To even consider fighting, you must prove you are able to commit yourself to a strenuous and gruelling training schedule. A motto most fighters live by utters the words “train hard, fight easy”.

This statement could not be more true. If you’re pushing yourself every day at training, you’re going to be fit and strong enough to step into that ring and give it everything you’ve got. One potent example would include making weight for your weigh in. If you’re not committed to following a strict diet and exercise regime, you’re not going to make weight. Not making weight is disrespectful to your opponent who has actually made an effort throughout their training camp to be on weight.

Also, it generates a bad name for not only you but for your kru and your gym. Of course there are circumstances in which people are not able to make weight due to electing to fight too light or not being able to possibly reach that weight in a safe manner. Without a high level of dedication and commitment to your end goal, you may not make it.

Preparing for a fight will be one of the hardest things you will do in your life. Essentially, you are putting your body through hell for six weeks to get into a ring with someone who’s goal is to hit you frequently enough and hard enough to be crowned the winner. To be able to fight, you must be able to have the mental fortitude to overcome that. You must also have the stoic mentality of actually showing up to training when you feel like your body is falling apart or when you feel like a nap would be a better idea.

Not only are you going to be spending endless amounts of hours at your gym preparing for this fight, but you’re going to invest lots of time in other aspects of your fight camp. Going for long runs to build your fitness, planning and pre-making your meals etc. is all going to take hours out of your time. There are so many other aspects of preparing for a fight that many will overlook, but it is essential you understand these before you commit yourself to a fight camp.

The aim of this article is to not scare you all into not fighting, rather it is about elucidating the level of commitment, drive and dedication this feat is going to require from you. To be honest, it will be one of the best and most enjoyable times of your life- whether you win or lose. At the end of the day, the judge’s decision does not mean too much. Losing a fight you know you put every ounce of your soul into is better than winning a fight you didn’t invest everything into.

Bailey Fitness is the only Muay Thai gym in Australia that offers the IMAES certified Muay Thai Grading System. Practitioners of all levels can participate to master the art of eight limbs!

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Jessica Lindsay

Jessica is a qualified Personal Trainer and is part of the Member Support team at Bailey Fitness.

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