This One’s for the Ladies!

Girls can kick ass just as well as men can, and I’m sure this is almost universally accepted in our modern and progressive society. Fifty years prior to now the traditional notions of what men and women were capable of were markedly different to what we deem as acceptable now. For women who wanted to compete in and train brutal martial art forms (such as our beloved Muay Thai), it would have been almost unheard of or unfathomable.

Luckily, nowadays it is a significantly more acceptable for women to compete in the fighting circuit. Muay Thai is a sport that breaks barriers, builds character and unites people of all ethnicities, sexes and ages. For young girls and women, it is a sport which is incredibly empowering for femininity as it broadens the spectrum of what being a female consists of- not just painting our nails but punching face as well!

Let’s talk a bit more about what makes Muay Thai so great for women. Don’t get me wrong- I am not aiming to be sexist in this article, nor is my intention to trivialise male involvement in the sport. I am simply stating (as a female who has had two years of experience in training Muay Thai) my opinion on it’s benefits for women.

Muay Thai is such an empowering sport for women to engage in. It is a sport which builds not only your physical strength and fitness, but it also trains the mind in lessons such as discipline and commitment. To an extent, it is not considered entirely appropriate for women to be fighting each other. To some it is seen as “un lady-like” to even want to do this to one another. Muay Thai breaks down this barrier by providing women with the unbiased training to be equipped with the correct weapons to compete in the ring. This opportunity to challenge what it means to be “feminine” is nothing short of gratifying and empowering.

Have you ever sparred or grappled someone and been told “you’re strong… for a girl”. Although it is not meant to be taken as a jab (haha) at your abilities as a female, sometimes it is a tiny bit degrading. It is not empowering to be told that you hit hard for a girl, I’d much rather be complimented for my strength without the comparison of my gender.

For me, female fighters are terrifying. There is something about their willingness to abolish and challenge traditional notions of femininity while simultaneously empowering themselves which I find awe-inspiring and gravitating. In my short time training the sport I have met, watched and been inspired by some amazing female fighters who prove that women can push their bodies and expand their capabilities the same way their male counterparts are capable of.

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Jessica Lindsay

Jessica is a qualified Personal Trainer and is part of the Member Support team at Bailey Fitness.

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