What’s For Breakfast?

You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But do you know why?

Breakfast is the meal that breaks your overnight fast. It kick starts your metabolism and restores nutrient levels that you may have lost through the night such as calcium, iron, vitamin b and glucose. The body needs these in the morning, no later than 2 hours after you wake. Otherwise, your body will seek them out throughout the day causing you to keep snacking.

Without breakfast, your brain does not get the warm up it needs to perform at its best. You will start to feel sluggish early on in the day and lack the energy. Whether at school or at work, it is important to begin your day with breakfast to set yourself up for a successful day.

Longer benefits of eating breakfast are:

  • A balanced diet and overall healthy eating habits
  • Improved performance and concentration
  • Increased endurance and strength
  • Weight control

A lot of people find it hard to fit making breakfast into their busy morning schedules but it does not have to be time consuming. Waking up an extra 10 minute earlier will be more than enough time. If you are running late, make something that is commute friendly! Or even prepare it the night before and that way it is waiting for you when you wake up.

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Adam Bailey

Adam Bailey is the owner of Bailey Fitness. He's a big believer in putting in the hard work to achieve great results. At Bailey Fitness, he strives to support a like-minded community who work towards their health goals.

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